The Kamika

Round or Oval

Lasting style and value for your backyard

Our pool brings unique style and beauty to your yard with design-inspired walls. Khaki colored co-ordinated posts and top ledges add a graceful touch. This look complements any backyard and any taste. And this new Aquarian pool looks beautiful year after year, while it adds value to your lifestyle.

Durable Aquarian Pools last summer after summer

Our pool stands up to whatever kids can dish out, while it handles any weather with ease. Our 7” resin ledge resists weather, water and wear. Durable 6” resin upright posts with unique interlocking resin caps and resin foot collars give the whole package strength, support and style. The Kamika frame consists entirely of all-resin components to resist corrosion and withstand the test of time.

Years of easy maintenance

The oval pool brings the ultimate in style to your yard with a fun, flexible shape. Added engineering means long life, easy care and more useable yard space. Available with traditional angle bracing or a space-saving Narrow Buttress System (NBS).

Feel free to download the brochure here.

Size & Style

Primary Specs
12′ Round
15′ Round
18′ Round
21′ Round
24′ Round
27′ Round
30′ Round
33′ Round
12′ x 18′ A-Brace Oval
12′ x 24′ A-Brace Oval
16′ x 26′ A-Brace Oval
16′ x 32′ A-Brace Oval
18′ x 33′ A-Brace Oval
18′ x 38′ A-Brace Oval
18′ x 44′ A-Brace Oval
10′ x 16′ NBS Oval
10′ x 21′ NBS Oval
12′ x 18′ NBS Oval
12′ x 24′ NBS Oval
16′ x 26′ NBS Oval
16′ x 32′ NBS Oval
18′ x 33′ NBS Oval
18′ x 38′ NBS Oval
18′ x 4′ NBS Oval