You Can Have It All

Finnleo’s Infra-Sauna™ give you the best of both worlds – lower temperature infrared heat for muscle therapy and deep sweat, and the more traditional wet/dry environment of a Finnish sauna.

So, if you like a traditional sauna, but your spouse prefers an Infrared sauna- you can have it all! Finnleo’s Infra-Sauna is the ultimate sauna–a blending of their Traditional Saunas with their CarbonFlex® Infrared Technology. (There will be a click thru to Carbon-Flex technology)

MODELS: Finnleo’s CarbonFlex far-infrared heating system can be incorporated into virtually any Finnleo Traditional sauna room (click thru to Traditional Sauna Landing page) design to create a Finnleo Infra-Sauna. Let your imagination go!