Round or Oval

Have a splash with summer – steel an economical above ground pool

The Affirma’s steel structure is entirely protected by a variety of finishes. These optimize its resistance to corrosion while preventing condensation between the liner and the wall – ensuring a long, solid life for your pool.

12′, 18′, 24′

10’x22′ | 12’x24′ | 15’x25′ | 15’x30′

Water Safety:  Your above ground pool has been designed to provide you with years of safe, family fun. This entails that water safety must always be taken into account. When used incorrectly, your above ground swimming pool can be dangerous; above ground pools are shallow, and this makes diving and jumping unsafe. To ensure your above ground pool is used safely you must observe the safety precautions that are provided to you when you purchase an above ground pool and conform to all local regulations.Lateral supports

Oval System:

  • More lateral supports on the straight sides of the oval pool, where they are needed most
  • Angle base plates to ensure greater stability
  • Pressure plates to reinforce the connection of the straight and round portions of the oval pool


  • 6-inch (15 cm) multi ribbed top ledge
  • 5-inch (12 cm) fully supportive upright
  • SynproTM resin decorator ledge cover
  • Won’t chip, peel or splinter
  • Tie-in support to the upright for greater rigidity
  • Flush design eliminates
  • Vog-lok system with pre-grooved parts

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