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You may request a service call by filing this on-line service request. Our service manager will receive a simple cellular text/page message when your form is submitted indicating that there is email to be checked. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Please take a few moments to accurately complete this form so that we may provide you with professional advice or to arrange for a service call.

Our retail and service staff are the most friendly and competent people to be found! We’re sure that no matter what problems you might be experiencing, we’ll be able to help! Remember, Apollo Pools and Spas is the only company to be named the People’s Choice (five time winner)!!!

We’ll reply to you by telephone or e-mail, and will follow up until we make contact with you. You may contact our Service Coordinator between 9am and 4pm at 610-779-1228 Extention 21.

Online service request form

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